summer lullaby
von fio na (igby)


I dream about coconuts.
about shining, hot burning sun warming up the white soft sand under our feet, boiling blood in our veins, so we´re starting to feel dizzy, relaxed. the wind is blowing over our calm lying bodies, causing goose bumps as it´s stroking. our hair curly from the water, tenacious from the salt. cosy blankets on the beach, tired and free. we do nothing. we´re lying there, dreamy, thoughts exist for themselves, nobody knows what the other might be thinking, nobody´s speaking. compftable and satisfying in its most possible way. shut eyes, the sense of seeing is the least important to me now. I hear the palmtrees swaying in the constant summerwind, hear tropic birds twittering in the bush. I feel the nasty sand glueing on my legs and arms. I feel my skin tickeling in the sun, welding beads all over to keep me from burning. the smell of suncream in my nose and the sound of the ocean in my ears. alongside me is lying you, peacefully, gracefully, in total harmony with everything around. just like me. your breath sounds like a melody, smooth and even. like a sweet lullaby, rocking me to sleep.

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